Rotarians have been busy at Working Bees on 7 November, 12 December, 16 and 30 January. The indigenous gardens is now starting to take shape with a lot more work to be done in coming months.
At the November working bee, the grassed areas where the paths are to be placed was prepared and the park was tidied up. Unfortunately rain again stopped excavation work and delayed the project.
December saw the trees planted in the open woodland and much watering to sustain them until their roots became established.
Further work in January placed bollards around the trees in the open woodland in the northwest corner of the garden. The trees are well mulched and have healthy new growth. Discussions are underway for an indigenous art project to paint the bollards.
In the central meeting place, half of the low seating wall was built. Concrete pads will soon be poured to complete construction of the second half of the seating.
The safety fencing will soon be dismantled and replaced with fencing around the outside of the new garden area. Construction of paths and trenching for installation of the solar bollard lights can then proceed. 
It's a great project with good member involvement and opportunities to look at the progress that is being made.